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Workers Compensation Training

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Knowing the legal requirements set for by the state concerning employee receiving medical treatment when injured in the workplace. Knowing what to do concerning reporting and filing a claim for the injured employee.


Forklift Certification Training

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After completing this program, operators will be able to:

  • Identify the various kinds of forklifts and their basic controls

  • Discuss the center of gravity and stability triangle concepts

  • Recognize when forklift inspections are required

  • Explain what to look for when performing a pre-use inspection and recognize when equipment needs to be red-tagged.

  • Describe how to safely operate a forklift (including parking, picking up, traveling with, and placing a load)

  • Recognize hazardous locations in order to select the correct type of forklift

      Discuss whether the forklift uses LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas),                                gasoline or if it is battery charged


OSHA 10-Hour Training: 

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This course is for entry-level workers in the general industry.

It teaches basic safety and health information.  It will explain serious workplace hazards, workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file an OSHA complaint.  After this training is completed, you will receive a 10-hour DOL (Department of Labor) card.


OSHA 30-Hour Training

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This course is for supervisors and management in the general industry.  It teaches about workplace safety and health risks. Topics covered in OSHA 30-Hour training include general worksite safety, avoiding common hazards, understanding workers' rights, employer responsibilities, and more. After this training is completed, you will receive a 30-hour DOL (Department of Labor) card.


General Liability Training

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Knowing legal requirements of what to do when a bodily injury occurs at your place of business. Conducting a proper investigation, along with proper documentation to help prevent expensive legal expenses.


Other training will include mandatory OSHA Record Keeping, Written Programs, and how to conduct an investigation.


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